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Client  Material Selection

At Blatnik Construction, each estimate begins with determining the cost of the project's material selections and allowance items.  We determine these costs either by items  selected by the owner or by using an allowance amount based upon the average cost of the particular product.

Depending on the type of project you are interested in, the material costs may be derived from an estimate from a supplier (kitchen cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures, flooring, etc.).  We can refer you to a supplier or you can select your own.


Once the material selections have been made and the owner decides upon a product or products, we use this cost in your estimate as an allowance item.  Unless changes are made this cost will stay the same.

Drawings and Blueprints

Blatnik Construction can provide drawings for some projects and include the reasonable cost in the estimate.  Most smaller jobs and additions can be done in our office and will be accepted by most municipalities.  Any projects that require blueprints will need an architects drawings and stamp.  We can refer you to an architect or you can use your own.

Our drawings will include:
  • An original floor plan showing the original area of the building.
  • A new floor plan showing the new layout of the area including walls, roof, foundation, cabinets, plumbing, electrical, framing, etc.
  • A plot plan showing the house and addition in comparison to the property lines.
  • Cost of the drawings is based upon the complexity and detail involved with the project.

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